Gekasmart Solution
Marketing,research and production in one sale,
We are committed to the best quality of the detector head and to provide customers with financial equipment
Gekasmart 17 years focused on the magnetic detector head and financial equipment
02Development of new products
The company developed the smart home, finance equipment and other products
03International trade
More than 80 percent of products exported to Europe and other countries.
Through the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
05Quality service
We carefully make every product, sincere service every customer!
17 years of focus Financial products and smart home products, scientific research, production, marketing, sales in one
National Service Hotline: 0769-8190 0090
Dongguan Geka Electronics Technology Co,.Ltd

Dongguan Geka Electronics Technology Co,.Ltd is a company specialized in research ,development ,production ,Sale and after-sale , which contribute to the presentation of technologically advanced and cost-effective electronic products such as : Read magnetic head.
We have a number of theoretical solid and experienced technical engineers in the field of card reader . In addition to Geka's full line of products and techinical support, we also provide OEM/ODM , other value-added and flexible delivery services ranging from design to finished product assembly, packaging and testing.

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Magnetic head is how

The magnetic card is made by coating a layer of magnetic particle evenly on a piece of plastic. Just produced magnetic p

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Dongguan Geka Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
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